Call for assistance as public


This is an event for feminist women from Mexico and the rest of the world, organized by self-managed groups of women.  This festival is autonomous, multidisciplinary, jolly and of free entrance. It’s planned as an event exclusively for and by women.
Women only spaces have been posed by feminism as a need, as places where we can meet to share experiences and knowledge somewhere, we feel safe, without external vigilance that forces us to work, be and do for men, as it usually happens in historically patriarchal societies as the ones we live in.
Women only spaces are great to share the lives we live from our bodies, female assigned, that have been systematically silenced through history. We have experienced oppressions, but we also have the cheerful resistance and through this festival we share it with other women.
The festival isn’t financed by anyone, it is a completely self-managed event, possible because of the work and dedication of the women who organize it, there is no bond or compromise with companies or international organizations. We are called by the wish of sharing and getting to know artistic and cultural expressions of feminist women.
In each edition we look to create a safe, fun, solidary space and, for that, we have some requirements:
-Write to the e-mail address


New public

-Answer the form about why you are interested on assisting to the festival. The limit to send the form is September 20th, 2019
-Send a photo of an official ID (we must be able to read it clearly). This is the only way we can guarantee a safe space


Assiduous public

-In case you already have a Festival card, you don’t need to send the form again, you only must write so we can give you the address. Please write between the 1st and 10th of October, because we are going to give the information on those dates.


Note: It is forbidden to consume drugs and alcohol inside the premises. Only the women who have tickets and previous registration will be allowed in.
See you on our 5th festival edition!
La Crítica